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The Second Floor bar at UCL Union is set to be renamed The Kriss Akabusi Pleasure Lounge.

Kriss Akabusi is a former World, European and Commonwealth Championships sprinter.

UCL Students have been voting on a new name for the bar on the Union website with other entries including The 2econd Floor Bar and The UC Sports Bar.

Yet London Student understands that going into the home straight, The Kriss Akabusi Pleasure Lounge looks set to take first place on the podium.

Students are delighted that the union looks set to honour the sprinter, one telling London Student: “He was fast, very fast, this is certainly deserved.”

Akabusi was unaware of this potential honour from UCL until contacted by London Student, and did not give his famous seal of approval “AWOOGA!” to the proposal, instead of appearing indifferent to the outcome of the vote.

And students hoping to catch a glimpse of their childhood idol will be disappointed to hear that he would not be able to attend the opening of the bar, citing “too much work with two charities and a motivational speaking company”.

London Student understands Akabusi will not object to the bar being named in his honour.

While Akabusi first made his name on the running track, following his retirement from the sport he presented TV programmes Record Breakers and The Big Breakfast, his enthusiasm making co-presenters Cheryl Baker and Kelly Brook look like televisual also-rans.

Despite disappearing from the public eye, Akabusi continues to hand out inspiration left, right and centre through his Motivational Speakers Company.

One awestruck BUPA executive told London Student of the effects of one of his talks: “Kriss was superb. The amount of energy and motivation he left them with was worth every penny. Some of the sales team wanted to get straight onto the phones as they felt so inspired.”

In 1992 Akabusi was awarded the MBE and received an honorary degree from Southampton University.

The competition was organised and run by UCL Communications and Services Officer Charlie Clinton, who told London Student that he, “does not regret running the vote” and that the result will be respected.

Voting closed on November 14th, with the result expected, after votes have been verified, on December 5th.


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