A group of about forty LSE students are occupying the university’s Old Lecture Theatre, demanding action from the school over the conflict in Gaza.

They are demanding that LSE should release a statement condemning the Israeli attack on Gaza and demanding a ceasefire and that the college get rid of its investments in BAE Systems, which anti-arms trade campaigners say provides weapons to the Israeli military.

They also want five fully paid scholarships to be created for Palestinian students and a fundraising day in aid of charity Medical Aid for Palestinians.

Their final demands are that any computers or books due to be got rid of at the end of Lent and Summer terms should be donated to the University and to schools that have been bombed in Gaza, and that the student activists themselves should not suffer any reprisals for taking part.

The action follows a motion passed 219-154 at a Union General Meeting this afternoon condemning Israel’s military campaign in Gaza.

An LSE spokesperson said: “A small group of students are currently staging a limited occupation of the Old Theatre at the London School of Economics and Political Science today (Thursday 15th January). The students have presented six demands to the School, all of which relate to the conflict in Gaza. The School is considering the demands. Lectures are continuing as normal.”


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