We use it every day to interact and communicate with each other, but it can be something we neglect in our search for a new job.

The truth is, the job hunt can feel like a job in itself when you spend hours searching online, scouring the classifieds and then filling out job application forms.

Unfortunately, the reality is that after living life in the student bubble this can sometimes be a shock to the system.

Before you know it the process becomes completely mindless, just pushing out as many CV’s as you can, and eventually your methods start to become completely in effective.

Lacking in motivation and completely disheartened by your zero replies, don’t give up hope just yet, as the only thing that could be really lacking is your methods.

Whilst the old fashioned methods used to be a winner, these outdated approaches are not going to bag you a dream job anytime soon.

You may be used to posting and tweeting about your every action, including those big nights out, but social networks can be the path to getting you that job you’ve been searching desperately for.

You may be thinking that it’s impossible to get your dream job when you’re fresh out of university but thanks to the digital world that we now live in, thanks to the internet there is no limit as to what you can achieve.

Although qualifications and experience can go a long way, online platforms offer you the opportunity to showcase your skills and expertise when your qualifications and experience may leave much to be desired.

Self Censor

Before you begin your search online you may want to self censor what you’re posting and perhaps detox your social platforms from any posts that may present you in a bad light.

It’s a common fact that many recruiters and employers now check social platforms to get an understanding of the ‘real you’ and check that you’d be a ‘culture fit’ in the current team.

Share your Knowledge

If you don’t have any skills or expertise in the career that you want to get into then it’s time to start educating yourself and sharing what you know.

By starting a blog you can start to write about the industry and showcase what you know and what you’ve been learning.

This will not only demonstrate to potential employers that you’re passionate about the industry, but also show you’re willing and eager to learn.

Pin a Tweet

Highlight your great piece of work or just the fact you’re on the job hunt by pinning a tweet.

This way when potential employers search your twitter profile they will be able to read your best work or see that you’re available to hire.

You never know who’s going to come across your personal profile, so dedicate your time improving the messages you’re putting out in the world.

Think About it

Not every social platform is born equal, and if you’re an avid tweeter or poster you’ll already know this, but it’s essential you get to grips with this so that you can utilise each one to your benefit.

Facebook is best to articulate your interest and points of view, it’s a very personal space, therefore recruiters will expect to see an insight into what you enjoy getting up to in your spare time.

As Twitter limits you to only 140 characters you need to either be funny or clever, it’s the one platform that urges you to give it your best in such a limited space.

Tailor your profiles to each platform you will be giving potential employers a better understanding of who you are and what you can do.

Join the Conversation

Now that you’ve deleted those drunk night out photos, and the many cat videos, that have been dominating your social profiles it’s time to make yourself known.

Following industry professionals and striking up conversations can help to get you noticed by the people that matter.

There are also a number of twitter chats that can help you to join industry conversations and interact with people currently working in that sector.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Dedicate your time to getting the best from your profiles and you will soon find that the hunt becomes not only more successful but also more fun.


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