Our student days are some of the most enlightening of our lives. Tasks and general abilities such as homemaking and the management of one’s own finances are thrust upon us, our work-life balances are given a kick up the backside, and more generally we learn a lot about ourselves.

If you’re struggling with the lack of cash, lack of motivation and deleterious hangovers that are so indicative of student living though, here are some tips to make the entire process a little more fluid!

Shop Wisely

This is a pretty big tip, given the fixed, loan-dependent incomes that the majority of students are tied to, but can have a truly positive effect on one’s finances and wellbeing. Buying goods from online stores is one of the most significant things one can do.

For instance, if you’ve had a particularly raucous house party and are in need of a bed frame, head online to a site like Bedstar for prices that are far more competitive than high street stores. The same goes for clothing (eBay), technology (Amazon) and general goods (Gumtree). Many online stores will also offer a student discount, which leads us to our next tip.

Use Your Discount!

Whilst many of us will sign up for an NUS card, few will regularly use it. Don’t be this person – your NUS card, and, indeed, your regular institutional student card, can afford you some excellent discounts at a huge variety of shops, restaurants, bars and clubs. You’re only a student for a few years, so make sure you get what’s coming to you!

Clean Up

If there’s one hallmark of student living, it’s the fetidness of student housing. Piles of washing up turning in to a menagerie for micro organisms of every variety, floors that never see a vacuum cleaner and the endless re-wearing of clothes; don’t be a slob, and clean up after yourself the moment the mess is made.

The relationship between you and your housemates, your health, and your general mental wellbeing will all be healthier and more serene as a result. Trust us.

Don’t Leave Work To The Last Minute

It’s a no-brainer, but if you leave your work to the night before deadline day, you’re 1) not going to do well, and 2) not going to get as much out of your uni experience as is possible. If the prospect of sitting in the library day in, day out, fills you with fear and repulsion, don’t worry – a few weeks of steady work is far better (and easier, for that matter) than two days of extreme, soul-destroying cramming, and you’ll get far, far better marks as a result.

Do you know any great student-centric tips that will assist and illuminate? Tell us them below!


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