The student union is beckoning you with promises of cheap drinks, loud music and the prospect of a buff partner to dance with – but you’re nowhere near ready for a night on the tiles.

Like everyone heading for a night out, you want to look your best. After all, who can enjoy a vodka and coke for a quid without staying classy?

We sympathise entirely. That’s why we’ve come up with a few fantastic tips to help you look your best before you hit the bar. So what would we recommend?

A beauty mask

You’re studying in your flat for the afternoon, so why not apply a face mask during your cramming session?

A high-quality mask will remove any dead skin cells, leaving your pores sparkling clean and clear. But there are hundreds of products to choose from. Which should you give your cash to?

For our two cents, we’d recommend a Proactiv Mask. A higher-quality face mask than you’ll find on the high street, this mask will obliterate germs, grime and grease from your face – take a look at their site to find out more.

Avoid a student diet

Students don’t have the greatest reputation, diet-wise. Pot Noodles and Domino’s pizzas are the food of the day – but they won’t help your appearance.

The type of people living on a typical student diet are the same types you’ll find looking sallow-faced in the library at midnight. They lurk around student unions with the same kind of style as a serial killer.

So get healthy. Ditch those pizza deliveries for a Greek Salad, and replace Pot Noodles with superfoods.

Your change in diet doesn’t have to mean all your foodstuffs are bland. A dash of fresh lemon or the taste-bud buzz of homemade pasta sauce can add some pizzazz to almost any dish.

The end result? You’ll enjoy healthier looking features, and you’ll be able to fit into any outfit for a night of cheap booze!

The bargain style

Your wardrobe is barren, the style equivalent of your dad’s collection of flared jeans. But that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with cut-price, shoddy garments.

We’re living in the age of vintage, when a coat from the early 90s can feasibly be seen as the height of fashion.

Trawl charity shops for high-quality, stylish clothes and track down a bargain or two. Before your night starts, you could have picked up a full outfit for less than a tenner!


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