London Student is the largest student newspaper in Europe. We distribute our newspaper to over 50 sites across London, encompassing every single University of London campus and hall of residence, putting us straight into the hands of every University of London Student. No other newspaper, student or otherwise, offers such direct access to the student market.

London Student is a meeting point for student news, comment and culture. As a newspaper, we report on what students want reported, we tackle issues that students want tackled and we review plays, write recipes, attend gigs and read books, all with students in mind. No other newspaper, student or otherwise, offers such targeted
content for the student market.

London Student is read by artists and economists, scientists and sociologists. We are read by musicians and sportspeople. To put it simply, we are read by students and we are read by every demographic of student. No other newspaper, student or otherwise,
can offer such diverse access within the student market.It our belief that there is real value in student led media. Students are often neglected in the mainstream press, so London Student attempts to exploit this niche and create a newspaper whose content directly reflects its readership. As a result, we are the natural choice for anyone looking to access London students because we write for, and
are produced by, London students.

Below, you can view or download our Media Pack’s for either Newspaper or Online advertising, including rate card’s and publication deadlines. For any other advertising enquiries please contact: [email protected]

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